Wednesday, 30 May 2012

María Nela Sinisterra & Cristina Brondo in "Penumbra" [2011 Argentina]

Young directors Adrián García Bogliano and Ramiro García Bogliano specialise in horror flicks, and since I'm not a fan of that genre, I'll keep this brief - their latest effort "Penumbra" (half-light) is way more interesting than their only other film I'd seen to date (Sudor Frío). It also reaches a higher level in technical sophistication, alongside the performances by actors playing the main characters.

Margarita, an ambitious young lawyer from Barcelona is trying to let out a family property down in Buenos Aires, where she also spends some time working in her firm's Argentinian branch. She meets a man who she assumes is the letting agent at the premises, and goes about negotiating a deal. It so happens that there's a total eclipse that day - a day that also doesn't go quite as planned for poor Margarita. A combination of factors including a degree of oversight and professional arrogance contributes to that. Soon we'll see Margarita trapped in her own flat and praying to be let out...

A good part of the film is dedicated in developing the characterisation which works exceedingly well, particularly that of the protagonist Margarita played by the cute and talented Cristina Brondo. The film is laced with humour and irony - and Ms. Brondo does a great job in delivering the tone that bring them to the fore. The film also has a surprising twist towards the end that will leave us wondering as to what'll happen next. I actually enjoyed watching this neat little film - Recommended Viewing..!

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Compilation: María Nela Sinisterra and Cristina Brondo
There is only a single scene in the film concerning nudity - that of a pretty Colombian girl who becomes an unwitting victim upon answering a job vacancy. The girl is played by María Nela Sinisterra. I've however also included a brief scene of Cristina Brondo for mention, simply because she's just so cute..! :)

María Nela Sinisterra and Cristina Brondo in Penumbra


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