Thursday, 24 May 2012

Elena Roger & Denise Groesman in "Un Amor" [2011 Argentina]

I've seen only one other film from promising director Paula Hernández (Herencia), and notice that her latest film, the ubiquitously named "Un Amor" [Eng. Title: One Love] is just as romantic, if slightly on the bitter-sweet side. As the other film, this one is also about people returning decades later to connect with their past.

Bruno and Lalo, teenagers, are close friends in small town Victoria and one day notice a new face in their neighbourhood - fifteen year old Lisa. They become friends, and soon the precocious Lisa is drawn towards Lalo, the oldest of the three. Lalo however is a serious lad and doesn't want to just have a sexual fling with her - he's quite content using prostitutes for that- he instead hopes to marry her one day. Bruno, while interested in Lisa himself, doesn't make any move on his own due to loyalty to his friend. Lisa leaves one day when her parents decide to move to Brazil, and all three go their separate ways. Thirty years pass and Lisa, arriving on business, decides to catch up with her old Argentinian friends. Would this be a happy reunion, for we will see some truths finally come out in the open...

This is a simple yet beautiful film thanks to an intelligent script and restrained performances from the main actors. While it isn't as intense as her earlier "Herencia", Ms. Hernández makes some fine observations on middle age and lost dreams. While it doesn't say anything particularly profound, the sensitive narrative gives us an insight into these people's lives. It is aided by some competent cinematography and editing. The film is Recommended Viewing.

Compilation: Denisa Groesman and Elena Roger
There are only brief instances of nudity in the film as part of the narrative.

Denise Groesman and Elena Roger in Un Amor

Scene Guide:
  • No nudity - friends mucking about by the lake, after which Bruno looks at Lalo with surprise when he suggests wanting to marry Lisa, she had after all felt up Bruno's crotch only minutes earlier. The younger Lisa is played by Denise Groesman.
  • After an argument between Lalo and Lisa, Bruno visits Lisa to console her but things happen (naughty Lisa is guilt-ridden later). Young Bruno is played by Alan Daicz.
  • Lalo comes looking for Lisa, with a flashback of their last meeting when he presents her a family trinket and professes his love.
  • Years later, Lisa and Lalo catch up, and it appears they still have feelings for each other despite Lalo's balding hair and worn look. The older Lisa is played by Elena Roger, and Lalo by Luis Ziembrowski.


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