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Ambra Angiolini & co in "Immaturi - Il Viaggio" BR720 [2012 Italy]

This will be brief..!

Following on the commercial success of "Immaturi", Medusa decided to use Paolo Genovese again for a sequel "Immaturi - Il Viaggio" [Eng. Trans: Immature - the Vacation]. This is what they mean by a 'tried and tested formula' - oh well, cinemas need to be filled these days I guess..!

Friends from last year's reunion decide to get together again for a vacation in Greece. The beautiful people from last year meet up with more beautiful people for some clichéd gags, pointless hi-jinx - yada yada, hire a Greek villa - yada yada, someone's diagnosed with breast cancer - yada yada, someone gets pregnant - yada yada, boy gets girl - yada, one of the bored friends kills time shoplifting - yada, gets her friends in trouble one day - yada, and they still remain firm friends towards the end, yada... (you get the idea!)

My only motivation for checking this film was the lovely Luisa Ranieri - she is of course as resplendent as ever, but as a bonus managed to catch a brief glimpse of Ambra Angiolini partially in the nude - as far as I can remember she has never done any film nudity (you can correct me if I'm wrong), but she has this something extra that can drive men crazy (for me any way). There you go - that's all the positives in this 'film'..!

Compilation: Ambra Angiolini, Francesca Valtorta, and Rosío Muñoz Morales
Ambra Angiolini, Francesca Valtorta, and Rosío Muñoz Morales in Immaturi - Il Viaggio
The sequel "Immaturi - Il Viaggio" is a typical feel-good film with beautiful people doing silly things, and includes the likes of Ambra Angiolini, Francesca Valtorta, and Rosío Muñoz Morales.
Scene Guide:
  • Francesca is all dressed-down for a special date with boyfriend Ivano the night before she goes away for her reunion - but two of her friends, dumped by their girlfriends turn up at her place earlier than planned. Francesca is played by a 'driving-me-crazy' Ambra Angiolini.
  • No nudity - Pietro with his pick-up Gloria (or is it the other way around), played by Francesca Valtorta.
  • No nudity - Spanish fly Anna buzzes around a hitherto faithfully married Giorgio - he had arrived in Greece a day before his pregnant wife could join him. She challenges him to resist her temptation. I don't know the Charlize Theron scene she's alluding to - perhaps someone could enlighten. Played by an easy-on-the-eye Rosío Muñoz Morales.

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