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Maribel Verdú in "El Beso del Sueño" [1992 Spain]

I'm glad to have finally kick-started the nude filmography of one of the exceptionally talented (and unassumingly sexy) actresses from Spain, Maribel Verdú. I chose one of her early films, writer-director Rafael Moreno Alba's romantic thriller, "El Beso del Sueño" [Eng. Title: Dream Kiss, aka The Goodnight Kiss]. It is also an ideal film to see Sra. Verdú in the prime of her youth, despite there being more successful films of hers from around the period. Having said that, this is not a film easily available in Europe, mine is a NTSC edition too. Maribel Verdú is one of the finest actresses today, not that she wasn't talented back then - I may have seen only three of her films prior to this film, but her charisma in all of them is just as alluring as ever. Even back then, she could do comedy, melancholy, serious roles, and also play the seductress with equal panache. She remains one of my favourite Spanish actresses, and I hope to discuss more about her in future posts.

We follow Salvatierra and Margot's life independently until their paths cross during a train journey. Salvatierra is a alcoholic ex cop, now working at the other end of law with a banker named Delgado - helping launder money. Margot is a thief who plies her trade on luxury cabins of trains, in order to take care of her dad suffering from dementia. After Delgado falls out with one of his associates who is now travelling to Belgium with a horde of cash, Salvatierra is assigned to follow the guy and inform him to authorities just when crossing the border - he get's a cut from the reward that the Government gives out to informers. During the journey however, the associate's Rolex watch and smart suit catches the attention of Margot, who happens to be working the train that day. She drugs him during their 'train date' and runs off with all the money. When Salvatierra realises his target victim had been robbed, he knows who it is - he had been watching Margot all evening flirting with the man - and decides to follow her. He uses an excuse to get himself acquainted with Margot, and after deceiving her, even manages to retrieve the money. But he also gets more than he bargained for - when he falls head-over-heels in love...

Granted - this isn't the cleverest of thrillers - I wouldn't have otherwise thrown so many spoilers away - but this film has its other reasons for buying - I think the editing and sound is pretty good for what is an average thriller. But then there's one senorita sexy Maribel Verdú who plays Margot - she is definitely the main reason for owning the DVD, one that's therefore obviously Recommended Viewing..!

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Compilation: Maribel Verdú
Made from several scenes - some have no nudity but are certainly worth watching, and as an added bonus we also have some unintended slips and upskirts.

Maribel Verdú in "El Beso del Sueño"

Scene Guide:
  • No nudity but sexy - we see how Margot goes about her business in posh trains. Margot is played by the talented, young and sexy Maribel Verdú.
  • After a day's work, I'm sure Margot requires a long shower and a thorough scrub.
  • Margot with the banker's associate travelling in her train - and while it all seems demanding, she's such a trooper - even when she runs out of room to stash her loot she knows how to improvise. You'll just love this if pantyhose is your thing ..! ;-)
  • Margot concealing a secret in her bra, lest anyone notices.
  • Salvatierra plays the honourable gentleman and walks out of his bedroom after Margot had to crash in his room - her flat has just been trashed. This however doesn't stop him sneaking in after she'd fallen asleep in the nude, but seems far more interested in the bra than the glorious view in front of him.
  • No nudity but a nice upskirt when Margot discovers that someone had been fiddling with the aforementioned bra.
  • Salvatierra returns with flowers while Margot is in the bath - she asks him in.
  • This scene may only be a few seconds long, but for me at least, the highlight of the film, as we see Margot get off the bath and rush towards the door.
  • And straight into the groping hands of Salvatierra...
  • There's a post-coital scene after this which I left in - some may find it interesting (but I couldn't bother capping in the graphic).
  • Margot had been manhandled, drugged and left for dead by the banker's thugs (who else?). Salvatierra arrives on time but struggles to keep her awake until the doctor arrives. There's no overt nudity in the scene, but plenty unintended thanks to Margot's ridiculously sexy undergarment. :)


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