Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Maja Ostaszewska in "Uwiklanie" [2011 Poland]

Jacek Bromski's crime drama, "Uwik?anie" [Eng. Trans: Entanglement] happens to be one of those old fashioned detective films albeit with a modern touch - no raincoats here.

Set in modern day Poland, the film starts off with the death of a patient undergoing psychotherapy at an exclusive resort. A good part of the film is spent determining whether it was a suicide or murder. Agata, the newly assigned prosecutor arrives at the scene and bumps into an old boyfriend from college, Smolar who's the investigating police officer. Agata is now happily married with a child, and tries to stay focused on the case at hand. The investigation links the dead man to his past as a secret agent in communist Poland, and an unsolved murder from the time. The plot goes through several twists and turns to try and keep the audience guessing. The film is decently made, even if it has neither the cleverest of plots nor the most inspired of soundtracks - but at least it attempts to offset its shortcomings through some added drama - that between Agata and Smolar. Easy but Recommended Viewing.

Compilation: Maja Ostaszewska
The film has a couple of brief nude scenes involving Maja Ostaszewska, who plays Agata. In the first, she's in bed with her husband, wondering about the dead man's choice of lottery numbers. In the second, Agata returns to Smolar's flat after first rejecting his advances. It was just curiosity rather than any feelings of love for an old flame that brought her there, she tells Smolar after they make love. She returns late and joins her husband in bed. When he wakes up wondering what happened, she tells him to go back to sleep. :)

Maja Ostaszewska in Uwiklanie


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