Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Joselin Waleska in “Ladies Mafia” [2011 Colombia, Mexico]

Colombian director Oscar González's film, "Ladies Mafia" is a comedy drama about three girls who unwittingly find themselves in possession of a stash of cocaine, and who against common sense decide to make themselves rich by selling it to a trafficker directly. They're helped by another female friend - a street smart kick boxer.

I'm not going to elaborate on this nonsense of a plot - let's just say it was made for an undemanding audience. Almost every aspect of the film is average or less, but at least they managed to author it decently on disc. Of course, we on the other hand sit through these for their exotic chicas, nothing more, nothing less..! ;)

Scene: Joselin Waleska
One of them takes her kit off briefly - exotic newcomer Joselin Waleska, who plays Tori - a college student making ends meet by stripping at a club (shame they should've put her in a scene plying her trade - they merely talk about it). The scene is mildly funny as she picks up a guy at a shopping mall and brings him home - the bloke dies of a heart attack upon orgasm - she'll know soon enough that's he's a drug trafficker when she escapes with his suitcase, identical to her's. "Damn, and he was so good in bed..!", she mutters to her cute friends at the end.

Joselin Waleska in Ladies Mafia


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