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Isabelita Sarli in "Mis Días con Gloria" [2010 Argentina]

Any discussion about nudity in Argentinian films is incomplete without the mention of Isabel Sarli - undoubtedly the high priestess of cinematic nudity at least as far as Latin America is concerned. Affectionately called 'Coca' (for her addiction to that very American cola), the voluptuous legend appeared in thirty odd films brandishing her bountiful bosoms and generous smile, most of which directed by her long-term partner Armando Bo who featured his son opposite her. I don't see myself posting any of her films yet, but for those interested, you may want to check out her very first film, and the first ever Argentinian cinema nude scene, in "El trueno entre las hojas" aka "Thunder in the Leaves" from way black and white 1956.

Why am I talking about Isabel Sarli then, you may ask. In Juan José Jusid's recent crime drama, "Mis Días con Gloria" [Eng. Title: My Days with Gloria], Isabel 'Coca' Sarli stars and also oversees the debut of her daughter Isabelita 'Coquita' Sarli. It's Coquita's nude debut too, and we can all clearly see the 'family' resemblance. ;-)

About the film:
The film is an ode to Argentinian cinema itself (I mean, Isabel Sarli - some scenes are even made to look like her swan song), where she plays Gloria, an ageing actress returning to her homeland after many years to spend the last days of her life. She mistakes a hired assassin at the airport (escaping from an assignment) for a taxi driver and hires him, and they develop a bond. The guy wants to quit the bloody job but the corrupt police wouldn't let him. He also has this girlfriend Rita, a stripper and prostitute who adores him and wants them to go away to the seaside together. He later cocks up a job and lands in trouble, and Gloria helps him through. I must say that the best part of the film's actually the title, apart from of course, the newcomer playing Rita - mamacita caliente Isabelita Sarli..!

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Upon completion of the film, Playboy magazine approached Isabelita Sarli for a nude photo shoot, which she apparently refused, saying that stripping for a film within context is different from walking naked in front of a camera just to show your body. She wants to do comedy instead, as she feels her personality is best suited for that. Why not, I'd say - even better if it was a sexy comedy with some nudity thrown in, just for laughs of course!

Compilation: Isabelita Sarli
I've included a couple of scenes of the full-of-promise Isabelita Sarli from the film - first with her assassin-boyfriend, and later performing in an actual strip club somewhere along a highway - apparently a couple of truckers walked in the middle of the shoot, and the consummate professional that she is, continued dancing. I've also inserted a brief montage of some Isabel Sarli clips shown in the film for those who enjoy their 60's nostalgia..!

Isabelita Sarli in Mis Dias con Gloria


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