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Cristiana Capotondi in "Come tu mi Vuoi" [2007 Italy]

Volfango di Biasi's romantic comedy, "Come tu mi Vuoi" [Eng. Title: As You Want Me] is one of those average teen-targeted films that wouldn't normally feature here, but for one Cristiana Capotondi - an actress beautiful just as she's talented, but still confined to making light comedies.

I'll keep the storyline very brief as there's nothing special in this commercial film. Geeky Communications student Giada despises material culture until she meets fellow student, rich kid, and playboy Riccardo. He falls in love with her after her repeated rejections. She's eventually won over, and she too falls in love with the person whose kind she scorned at before. She then begins to appreciate some of the goodness in material things and uses it to advance her career (and love). The one aspect of production worth mentioning however, would have to be the make up - the effort put into making Cristiana Capotondi look 'plain', including her painted-in freckles is actually quite convincing (shown among the 'Making of' DVD extras).

Compilation: Cristiana Capotondi
There is only a single scene of nudity, about three minutes long. I therefore decided to include some of the short-of-nude best moments in the film to make it worthwhile.

Cristiana Capotondi and Giulia Steigerwalt in Come tu mi Vuoi

Scene Guide:
  • Giada gets ready for a date with Riccardo - who had found her 'fascinating' and decides to 'employ' her as his tutor, eventually asking her out for dinner. Giada of course, is played by signorina molto bellissima Cristiana Capotondi.
  • The date - Riccardo does the deed, and Giada shows him a good time too.
  • Fiamma, among Riccardo's circle of rich friends, felt bored and decides to help Giada fit into the 'it' crowd. And that includes a complete makeover, teaching the moves, pouting lips, and all the other girly paraphernalia. Fiamma is played by Giulia Steigerwalt.
  • Equipped with all the confidence, Giada struts her stuff in front of the gob-smacked Riccardo. Later on in bed, they tell each other they'll still remain their old selves at heart - and he uses the 'L' word.


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