Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Miren Ibarguren & Olaya Martín in "¿Estás ahí?" [2011, Spain]

Roberto Santiago's comedy, "¿Estás ahí?" [Eng. Trans: You there?] is about a young couple living in a city apartment. Only, one of them's a ghost! Recently killed in an accident, Ana still feels 'alive', and while boyfriend Francesco cannot see or hear her, he feels her presence nevertheless. She too conveys her thoughts by writing on black board or mirrors, and they more or less get used to living together.

When Fran is introduced to Renata by his best friend, he finds her interesting, but it sparks jealousy from Ana. Add to this situation we have 'Claudio' - a ghost who's in love with Ana (the ghost) - you can guess the situations these could arise. It is however a well made gentle comedy and has some moving and romantic moments thrown in too. Recommended Viewing..!

Compilation: Miren Ibarguren and Olaya Martín
Note there is only brief nudity in the film, but interesting nevertheless.

Miren Ibarguren and Olaya Martín in Estás ahí

Scene Guide:
  • A brief scene of mature Carme Elias (credited as Carmen Elias) who plays Francesco's mum. No one among his family and friends seem to believe that Ana's ghost exists in the house, but they acknowledge something's not quite right. There's no nudity here - Elias offering us only a brief upskirt, but for those interested, you may want to checkout how striking she looked during her youthful days from the catalan film, "L'orgia" - use this link.
  • No nudity, as Ana plays with Fran in the shower. Ana is played by Miren Ibarguren.
  • Ana 'hijacks' Renata's body to make love to Fran. Fran hasn't a clue that it was Ana all the time. The film's end credits tell that a body-double was used for Miren Ibarguren, but she is naked regardless. We also have brief nudity from Olaya Martín who plays Renata - as reflected on the mirror.


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