Sunday, 7 August 2011

Karolina Gorczyca & Joanna Pierzak in "Hustawka" [2009 Poland]

I stumbled across this Polish film recently quite by chance - it is Tomasz Lewkowicz's directorial debut, "Hustawka" [Eng. Title: The Swing]. The film is supposed to be about a man's dilemma in choosing the person he wants to live with - his attractive and dutiful wife, or the equally attractive but not-so-dutiful mistress.

One can see Lewkowicz was trying to say something serious through the film, and there was nothing wrong in the effort either. But he has a long way to go before tackling this kind of material anywhere near to the standard set by films like Cosa Voglio di Più. I hate to be critical of someone just making his debut, but it has to be said that the screenplay is rather weak and the characterisation lacks necessary depth. He has however put together a pretty looking film - with some good editing, fine cinematography by Mariusz Palej, and not too bad a soundtrack either. The lead actors give a decent account of themselves, notably Karolina Gorczyca who appears to be a talented actress - I hope she gets to do more challenging roles in future if she hasn't already.

Compilation: Karolina Gorczyca and Joanna Pierzak

Karolina Gorczyca and Joanna Pierzak in Hustawka

Scene Guide:
  • The film actually starts promisingly as in this early scene when the audience are given an interesting introduction to Karolina and Michal - we are initially led to believe that she's about to be molested. Karolina is played by Karolina Gorczyca.
  • Michal returns home late as usual and spurns his loving wife Anna's overtures. She gives him her repost in the bedroom later. Anna is played by beautiful Joanna Pierzak.
  • Karolina is the friend of Anna's brother Piotr who hopes to take things further with her. They arrive at Michal's cottage and a jealous Karolina flirts with Piotr after noticing Michal with Anna. A frustrated Karolina gives all the signals to Piotr for sex, but changes her mind soon after. She leaves the following morning after learning Michal's wife is pregnant with her second child.
  • Michal comes looking for Karolina at a bar to find her dancing with Piotr, and has a flashback of his time with her.
  • Michal separates from his wife to go and live with Karolina. It is Christmas and Karolina dresses up as a Christmas tree to give him her present. She had to rush to the kitchen towards the end of the scene.


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