Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Jimena Guerra in "Santos Peregrinos" [2004, Mexico]

I don't know much about Juan Carlos Carrasco but his debut feature, "Santos Peregrinos" [Eng. Title: Holy Pilgrims] is a predictable albeit black comedy about greed.

Set in a block of tenements in Mexico city, it shows a group of hitherto pious neighbours turn against one another when they discover their holy relic has treasure hidden in them. It begins promisingly but fails to deliver mainly due to poor screenplay. The direction is also to blame for not bringing out the best from the cast. Either because of the DVD quality or poor shot selection and lighting, the cinematography is pedestrian at best. The story is too predictable to hold viewer interest - you won't miss a lot if you left the film running to make yourself a cuppa. There are however a couple of nude scenes worth mentioning - the only purpose for my purchase, and this post. There are a few more barmy Mexican films that I haven't even opened yet - the sheer amount of work cleaning and enhancing for the compilation keeps putting me off - but keep an eye out, as you never know..!.

Compilation: Jimena Guerra and Francesca Guillén

Jimena Guerra and Francesca Guillén in Santos Peregrinos

Scene Guide:
  • Elia struts her stuff for a neighbourhood admirer, unaware that her horny mother and lover had also sneaked in for a quickie. Elia is played by Jimena Guerra.
  • Brothers barge in looking for the hidden treasure, but sister Elia perches atop the loft to escape being discovered.
  • No nudity but watch-worthy, of Elia and her guy interrupted again by the mum and her lover.
  • Probably the best of the lot - after another guy who fancies Elia watches her in the act, and decides to sneak in to grope her.
  • The 'climax' - of Matilda and her geeky boyfriend finding heaven - their neighbours however reach it for real as the bomb he planted goes off. Matilda is played by Francesca Guillén - I'm not sure if she'd done any other nude scenes, but worth looking out for.


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