Monday, 7 October 2013

Eduardo Rossoff's romantic fantasy thriller "Reencarnación, una historia de amor" [Eng. Title: Family Blood] is about a perpetual family feud carried across several reincarnations.

Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) meets Yolanda (Liz Gallardo) and falls in love. Yolanda's brother Lisandro (Raúl Méndez) knows that theirs is 'eternal' love and that they have been in love through different incarnations, but discourages their romance because their 'karma' prevents them from ever uniting - because one or the other will die trying. Their respective Chinese families have feuded over hundreds of years - Alejandro and Yolanda being present carriers of their soul...

The film starts promisingly with this intriguing premise, but I got myself completely lost a third of the way due to its confusing screenplay and the plethora of plot elements. I so wanted to re-watch the film to see if I've missed out the connecting threads before writing this, but the film - while visually good looking, is unfortunately boring due to some lacklustre performances and/or the dialogues, due to which I'm certainly not in a hurry to watch it again. Unless I draw the courage to put the disc back on in future, this will languish in my very short list of negative reviews...


The Nudity: Liz Gallardo and Khristian Clausen
The only reason for me watching the film is because thirstyrabbit is a great fan of lovely Liz Gallardo. She appears topless in three scenes, including a montage showing her character making eternal love with her partner during previous lives. There is also nudity from Khristian Clausen who plays Maria, in the midst of ending an affair with corrupt police officer González (Jorge de los Reyes).

Liz Gallardo and Khristian Clausen nude in Reencarnación: una historia de amor


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