Friday, 4 October 2013

A brief review: Cosimo e Nicole [2012 Italy]

Francesco Amato's second full-length feature, "Cosimo e Nicole" is about a love affair between a French girl and an Italian boy that begins in the port city of Genoa during the 2011 G8 summit.

When seventeen year old Nicole (Clara Ponsot) gets knocked down by police during a demonstration, a passing Cosimo (Riccardo Scamarcio) pulls her to safety, and after the coast is clear, hails a passing van so that he could take her to the hospital for treating her injury. The driver, Paolo (Paolo Sassanelli) advices against taking her there as they could get arrested, and instead drives to his place so that she could be seen by a private doctor. Paolo runs a business organising rock concerts, and also offers Cosimo a job. Cosimo and Nicole will become lovers.

The story is told through flashback by both Cosimo and Nicole, while being interviewed separately in prison - their happy times together, their challenges, and finally how they ended up in prison. Their problems start when Alioune (Souleymane Sow), an illegal immigrant and casual worker for Paolo falls off a scaffolding. Assuming him to be dead, a panic-struck Paolo doesn't want to take him to hospital because he too would end up in prison for hiring an illegal worker. After a heated discussion, Paolo, Cosimo, and Nicole place Alioune in an abandoned caravan park. But the guy miraculously survives, even if he'd lost his memory after laying comatose in a hospital bed for several months. Frictions arise between the couple after they learn that he's alive, and a guilt-ridden Nicole wants to help Alioune and his distant family in any way she can, which gets Cosimo very concerned...

The film has a strong narrative and the drama is imaginative with interesting plot devices, and is helped by some fine performances from the main cast. The cinematography is appealing, as is the punk-rock soundtrack where concert scenes are seamlessly inserted into the narrative. But I felt the film is perhaps slightly longer than necessary - some scenes, especially in the second half, appeared to repeat itself. But apart from this, it is a well made mainstream film that's Recommended Viewing..! DVD Link [PAL] | Blu-ray Link


The Nudity: Clara Ponsot, Riccardo Scamarcio, and Angela Baraldi
The film features several sex scenes, and hence the nudity, mostly of Clara Ponsot. Riccardo Scamarcio also briefly appears nude during a sex scene.

Clara Ponsot, Riccardo Scamarcio, and Angela Baraldi nude in Cosimo e Nicole


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