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Tania Robledo & co in "El Garabato" [2008 Mexico]

One must appreciate Adolfo Martínez Solares for his resourcefulness - notwithstanding his credentials as writer and director, he produces his own films and even manages to rope in heavyweights like José Alonso and María Rojo (La Tarea, Esmeralda de Noche Vienes) to act in them, along with a generous smattering of some of the prettiest local starlets. For e.g., the cast credits for his 2008 crime drama, "El Garabato" lists the likes of Tania Robledo, Patricia Llaca, María Aura, Andrea García, and Mariana Ávila to name a few. That was enough to persuade me to buy the DVD (now we don't want anyone else to know that! :)) even if it was only gathering dust on my shelf for the past two years.

I'll be wasting my time with this - let's say it is about gangsters, sorry - politicians, corrupt police officers, molls, honey-traps, and you guessed it - journalists. And of course an innocent courier who gets caught in a mess because the person he was delivering to gets killed just before he arrives. To cut to the chase, innocent bloke is declared 'innocent', patches up with fiancée and starts living happily ever after.

This is like having the occasional greasy heart-clogging deep-fried meal - it's alright once in a while though (damn tasty too..!) :)

But if you want to gorge yourself silly, here's the DVD Link - however don't expect a high quality transfer - this one was definitely stamped with older television sets in mind.
Amazon DVD Link

Tania Robledo, María Aura, Andrea García, and Mariana Ávila
As hinted above, the DVD isn't of the greatest quality, and even my DVD player was unable to disguise some of the banding and interlacing. I couldn't bother spending too much time on it in any case - I had to compromise on some of the bust-level portrait shots - just don't look at their eyes too much - there are other interesting things to see anyway!

Tania Robledo, María Aura, Andrea García, and Mariana Ávila in El Garabato

Scene Guide:
  • Rodolfo spying on the neighbour's swimming pool, put to good use by a rather carefree Frida. Delectable Tania Robledo plays Frida.
  • Well what do you know - dreams can come true even for our Rodolfo! :)
  • A prison 'Conjugal' visit, paid by pistol-trigger smuggler Rebeca. The bad old dog is played by José Alonso, and Rebeca by María Aura, still looking the same since Y tú Mama Tambien.
  • No nudity, but saucy scene as a eager Carolina makes retirement plans with her boss Daniel Buendia. Bejewelled Carolina is played by a sparkling Andrea García.
  • The best of the lot - of Rodolfo's sojourn with fiancée María Luisa. Played by a rather cute and well proportioned Mariana Ávila. I kinda loved the song too even if it sticks in your lips for longer than it perhaps should.
I could easily 'kill' a Godard now..! ;)


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