Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Malena Solda in “Juntos para Siempre” [2010 Argentina]

Screenwriter Pablo Solarz makes an impressive directorial feature film debut through the bitter-sweet comedy drama, "Juntos para Siempre" [Eng. Title: Forever Together]. Tinged with typical Argentinian irony, it is also mildly self-indulgent, but nevertheless very enjoyable with some hilarious moments thrown in.

Javier is so engrossed in the screenplay he's writing that he ignores girlfriend Lucía's cry for attention. Which inevitably leads to her seeking attention elsewhere. Guilt-ridden, she informs Javier that she had sex with their neighbour, but Javier takes it without batting an eyelid, and enquires instead whether she feels better after having confessed. He tries to console her by saying it is quite common these days, and that she shouldn't be unduly worried, as long as it doesn't become a habit. Frustrated, she leaves him, asking him to go and see a psychotherapist instead. In a bid to get Lucía back, Javier even follows her advice. But when therapy gets him nowhere, he starts seeing his dentist's slightly dim but curvy daughter Laura, and pretty soon they start living together, closing the door for any possible rapprochement with Lucía. Laura meanwhile, ever the tolerant, allows Javier all the liberties, whether he is in one of his 'thinking' modes, or even when he frequently addresses her as Lucía. And running parallel to Javier's story is the harrowing film screenplay he's creating - and the parallel also extends to his protagonist's mindset...

This is a well-written and neatly executed film with some fine performances all around - it is intelligent, funny, but also sad - and the film is certain to stick with you for a while. Recommended Viewing!

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Scene: Malena Solda and Florencia Peña
A flashback to happier times when Javier was courting Lucía - he had met her while looking for an apartment - she was the estate agent. In this scene they enact a sexier version of their first meeting. Lucía is played by the talented and beautiful actress Malena Solda. Followed by present reality, with Laura in bed - he asks her to pretend she's asleep while he does his thing. Laura is played by popular TV actress Florencia Peña.

Malena Solda and Florencia Peña in Juntos para siempre


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