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Fernanda Reto & Xochitl Marbach in "Crímenes de Pasión" [1995, Mexico]

OK the title says it all - "Crímenes de Pasión" [Eng. Title: Passionate Crimes] mustn't have required too much brainstorming from the film's production and marketing team - the film most probably was either a vehicle for someone's career/vanity, or simply an excuse to burn money - both probably. Suffice to say I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I even own this DVD. Mexicans live life to the extreme, and likewise their films also swing from the most profound to the mediocre (I'm struggling to find the right word).

Anyway, the film does include nude scenes from a couple of actresses, and I'm recording them here to save others the endurance of having to watch this excuse of a film.

Story in a nutshell - Gabriel, a mentally unstable actor, upon release from asylum falls for aspiring actress Julieta, and tries to help her win film roles - only, she doesn't fancy him one bit, and merely uses his connections for bettering her career. Her best friend Letícia, also an aspiring actress, uses a friend's uncle - a senator, to further her ambition. Both their interests clash at some point - crime ensues.

Compilation: Fernanda Reto and Xochitl Marbach
My apologies - I realised the quality of my deinterlacing was not up to scratch only upon finishing the compilation, but I really couldn't be bothered to redo the damn thing - watching the film once was tedious enough..!

Fernanda Reto and Xochitl Marbach in Crímenes de Pasión

Scene Guide:
  • Letícia is determined to become famous - even if it requires sleeping with a politician, the uncle of her class mate and friend Mário. Letícia is played by the very watchable Fernanda Reto who later made a name for herself on TV and other B-movies.
  • Julieta is the love-interest of our protagonist - he brings her home from a party drunk, and she 'falls asleep' before he could manage to 'seduce' her. Julieta is played by the exotically named Xochitl Marbach - never heard of her before, even if she does look tad familiar.
  • Julieta prefers the young director of the ad film she worked on. What's it with aspiring actresses in the 90's - did they wear panties only occasionally - both these girls seem only too eager to please!
  • Letícia's parents are worried she could be exploited, but she's a big girl now, and apparently knows what she's doing..!
  • But Letícia soon gets fed-up of the old man and fools around with young Mário - the nephew, inviting trouble.
  • No nudity but pubic hair peeking through white panties - Letícia had stolen her best friend Julieta's role in a film, thanks to her political connections. But Julieta had also seen her fooling around with Mário. He asks her to give up the competition to be on the safe side, but she tells him all's fair in show business.
  • The director felt it necessary to show Julieta, upset at having lost her role in the film, crying in the nude.
  • Uncle gets wind of Letíta's shenanigans with his nephew, and teaches her a lesson.
  • Letícia later, ashamed, in the shower.


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