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Antje Nikola Mönning & co in "Engel mit Schmutzigen Flügeln" [2009 Germany]

Apologies for the slow updates as I've been struggling to find time again, but this is a big one, and I hope, worth the wait. With WTP's latest film about to premiere shortly, perhaps it is timely to catch up with the inimitable Roland Reber's filmography.

His 2009 film, "Engel mit Schmutzigen Flügeln" [Eng. Title: Angels with Dirty Wings] is probably among his lighter works, it being more of a satirical comedy. Having said that, X-Factor contestants should perhaps be asked to watch this film - but then again, they might not 'get it'.

Three biker-friends - Michaela, Gabriella, and Lucy appear to like putting each other through ordeals for the right to stay in the group, and this time it is Lucy's turn. Michaela and Gabriella accuse Lucy of being vain, conceited and ignorant, but behaving outwardly as goody-two-shoes. They want her to 'be herself' - live the horny slut she's always been deep-down. This takes Lucy on a lurid journey of 'self-discovery', from an attention-seeking coquette to an amoral slut, which she becomes in the true sense after joining a stripclub/brothel - and enjoying every moment of it too, until she begins to question what she's doing.

The film is an examination of present day morals - masked in the quest for individual happiness are apparently selfish motives, narcissism, and an elastic sense of morality. But the film doesn't seem to delve deep enough to start a serious discussion on the big subject, even if Lucy's superficiality is displayed glaringly - in your face almost. The film does try to establish, with reasonable success the fact that Lucy would easily be considered 'normal' by present day society, based on her outlook and charm. Not so if she lives to her true nature. But then again, by doing so, she could at least live with a clear conscience.

The Production:
Co-produced by Roland Reber, Marina Anna Eich, Patricia Koch, and Antje Nikola Mönning - also the star of the film, the production has the usual WTP ingredients of team members doubling up as technical staff where necessary - Mira Gittner handles the cinematography and editing, and others also take up some walk-in roles. For me though, I was more impressed with Wolfgang Edelmayer's soundtrack - apart from the main reason for watching the film of course - for the sultry redhead Antje Nikola Mönning. She casts herself well in the role of the angel, with very dirty wings indeed - some of her scenes have to be seen to be believed. Roland Reber and his team have as usual tread a thin line between art and pornography, and managed to stay on the 'right' side... I think. Needless to stay it is a provocative film, demanding to be heard, and therefore, Recommended Viewing..!

The (optional) English subtitled DVD also comes with a load of extras, including a fascinating 'Making of' and a rather 'exposed' photoshoot of Antje Nikola Mönning and Marina Anna Eich for Penthouse Magazine. It is also the only proper instance of Marina Anna Eich appearing in the nude, but enjoyable nevertheless.
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Compilation 1: Antje Nikola Mönning, Mira Gittner, and Marina Anna Eich

Angel with Dirty Wings

Scene Guide:
  • Michaela and Gabriella tell Lucy what's wrong with her - as biker-chicks do I suppose - during a 'pit-stop'. Lucy accepts their opinion almost passively, as if to underscore her desire to 'belong'. Michaela, Gabriella, and Lucy are played by Mira Gittner (Reber was charged with the camera in her scenes), Marina Anna Eich, and Antje Nikola Mönning respectively.
  • "I know everything to the dot, except one thing, that's me, me, me..!" Well, our heroine is presented a Viking hat to do exactly that - explore herself. First up, a poor-old sod doesn't know what to make of Lucy stripping and bending over in his direction before she goes skinny-dipping in the lake.
  • Lucy decides to prepare a 'seductive' portfolio, courtesy of lovely Patricia Koch, who plays the photographer (I for one wouldn't mind seeing her as the photo-subject for a change - if only - she never stays still..!).
  • But Michaela and Gabriella ridicule Lucy's eye for pornography - so she had to get them redone. Sunlit nether regions anyone..?
  • This time Lucy finds a more appealing victim in Martin - himself sunbathing in the nude. Thankfully, no dialogues here, Ms. Mönning gives us enough visuals to keep us occupied anyway..!
  • What ensues is a full-on sex session out in the open, and the scene depicts everything except actual penetration - thin line, mind you. Whatever the case, they both seem to be having a good time..!
  • Michaela and Gabriella mock Lucy's 'boring show' at the lake - she asks them if she needs to fuck giving 'ballet' poses to make them interesting.
  • Brief montage of some naked bike-riding (by Lucy, of course), followed by another session with her friends, who ask her to look into the mirror to see the 'slut' in her. Next stop - Crazy Horse (not the pub, but stripclub cum brothel).
  • Lucy finds it difficult to please her demanding female friends - she even allows the patrons to grope her. She had to carry out their order to masturbate in front of everyone. Assorted nudes appear at the beginning.
  • By the time she's done, her friends are fast asleep - cue to open up to patrons even more, at least in terms of groping.

Compilation 2: Antje Nikola Mönning and Maren Schloz

Angel with Dirty Wings

Scene Guide:
  • Funny scene as Michaela and Gabriella overhear Lucy talking 'sweet nonsense' to love-victim Martin. She compliments him on his cock, and even tells him that she's never had an orgasm until their time at the lake.
  • A conversation between strippers - Lucy tells her employer and fellow prostitute, played by Maren Scholz, how much she enjoys being a prostitute. The employer's character isn't given a name in the film, so I'll address her henceforth as Maren.
  • This scene probably captures the gist of the film. The women invite a group of bikers to their place. While Gabriella and Michaela are having normal albeit mundane conversation with the guys, Lucy is communicating with them in the only way she knows best - sex. She repeats the same words she'd said to Martin, and the guy too falls for it. This is also the most erotic scene in the film. Ms. Mönning gets liberally groped by the object of her interest.
  • More groping and leg-spreading back at the Crazy Horse in a threesome scene.
  • Cleaning up afterwards - I've wondered if the pole where strippers perform ever get cleaned properly - I'm so glad to see they do. Lucy and Maren again have a conversation about the joys and trials of being a prostitute.
  • Lucy's 'signature' show gives punters yet another intimate experience - this time it is also interactive as she invites one of the guys to join her.
  • Michaela and Gabriella show Martin the kind of girl Lucy really is. He watches with dismay as his 'love' gets down and dirty with her customers.
  • Martin is glad (more like relieved) to hear what a woman truly feels after talking to Maren - she tells him that she doesn't find him remotely interesting, and that she'd forget about him the very next day. He is thankful, and finds solace in her arms. So - is this prostitute the true angel? Depends on your viewpoint, I suppose..!

Bonus Compilation: Photoshoot of Antje Nikola Mönning and Marina Anna Eich
Excerpts from the photoshoot for Penthouse magazine of Antje Nikola Mönning and Marina Anna Eich displaying some of their charms. Taken from the DVD extras, with permission from WTP International.

Angel with Dirty WIngs

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