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Eva Santolaria in "Susanna" [1996 Spain]

Spanish director Antonio Chavarrías' 1996 film, "Susanna" is a passionate crime drama, made in Latin American style for the most part, with an ending however very European.

Àlex, a salesperson for a wine merchant gets to meet Susanna, the 'niece' of one of his customers who runs a café during one of his routine visits. The customer is unable to pay for new stock because she hasn't settled an outstanding bill. To persuade him to give her more grace time, she offers him Susanna for sex, which Àlex accepts. He'll learn later that she's no 'niece', but a delinquent asked to stay there as part of her rehab. But Susanna had already fallen in love with him at first sight, even after knowing he's about to get married. She quits her job at the café the same day and invites Àlex for more sex at her room. But Àlex soon looses contact with Susanna when he's put behind bars for embezzlement. Upon release, he gets married and takes up a job as waiter at one of his former customers' restaurant when he meets Susanna again, who'd come with her Arab boyfriend (Said) who loves her and wants to marry her. Àlex manages to catch her alone and forces her to continue the affair, even though he doesn't have any plans to leave his wife who's now expecting a baby. Susanna isn't happy with the torrid affair and tries to end it, but Said, her fiancé discovers them together, which triggers a disastrous chain of events.

While the story sounds interesting, the film is let down by the screenplay which has several loose ends that ends up making the film less believable. There is an attempt at studying cultural differences across ethnicities, but it isn't explored to the extent a British or French film would, due to which the whole effort ends up looking like a side-act. The characterisation of Munsta, Àlex's wife is woefully inadequate, which further questions the film's seriousness. The one thing really going for it though is the impressive depiction of sex scenes between Àlex and Susanna - this is about how far one could go without making them explicit. A young (but ridiculously skinny) Eva Santolaria gives it her all playing the titular role of Susanna - she's got one of those cute anime character-like faces that's endearing. We also see genuine chemistry between Àlex and Susanna during all their encounters. The film, if anything, will probably be remembered for the way the sex scenes were made - also the same reason that I'd recommend the film. This is however a rare film - the DVD from which this compilation is made was bought nearly two years ago, and not sure if they're readily available these days.

Compilation: Eva Santolaria, Rosa Gàmiz, and Alícia Paz

Eva Santolaria and others in Susanna

Scene Guide:
  • Àlex is propositioned by his customer who lets him have a piece of her 'niece' Susanna. The enamoured Susanna also gives him a second helping. Susanna is played by the cute and sexy Eva Santolaria.
  • When he leaves, Susanna follows Àlex and invites him for more sex in her hotel room - this time, on the house.
  • Brief view of Susanna waking up from a nightmare (or vision).
  • This is a kinky scene - Susanna is with her boyfriend Said and his friends at the restaurant where Àlex works - he hasn't seen her for several months. Àlex catches her when she's coming out of the ladies room and forces her into the wine cellar, where they end up having passionate sex, while the Said wonders where she's gone. By the time he comes looking, Àlex and Susanna have already finished and she's powdering herself in the ladies room, left to be admired by Said.
  • No nudity - Àlex's wife Muntsa is pregnant - she's also left neglected and frustrated. Munsta is played by Rosa Gàmiz.
  • Susanna welcomes Àlex in the buff during their next rendezvous, and what ensues is one hot sex scene.
  • Sexy scene where Susanna invites Àlex to touch her while washing herself.
  • Àlex is working for a dodgy restaurant owner who's nasty nephew he also needs to accompany. When the person who owes money couldn't pay up on time, the nephew decides to take his wife - this is an attempted rape scene, and not very pleasant. The woman is played by Alícia Paz.
  • Susanna places an ultimatum on Àlex - either leave his wife, or stop the affair. She doesn't want to cheat on Said any more.
  • Àlex obviously wants the wife and mistress too. Susanna tries to talk him into leaving her alone, but during her 'struggle', they're caught by Said and his friends.


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