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Cécile Cassel & co in "Ex" [2009, Italy]

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Fausto Brizzi is fast gaining a reputation in the romantic comedy genre. His themes may be pretty much mainstream stuff, and even if he's telling a story told several times, it is amazing how he manages to keep it fresh, original, and very witty too. Granted there are also some mushy 'Hollywood moments' towards the end of his films, but he's a work in progress and should get over it as he ventures into more challenging themes.

His 2009 film, "Ex" [more aptly titled in English: Many Kisses Later] takes a wry look at fading romance, and what it takes for couples to keep it aflame. We follow several couples going through their upheavals, and they also seem to be loosely connected, perhaps unnecessarily. However, it is a delightful film to watch, some of the scenes are positively funny, outrageous even, but some scenes are also quite moving. The film has a top-draw cast and crew, and no expense seems to have been spared. The film was also nominated for several David's the following year. Needless to say, Recommended Viewing.

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Compilation: Cécile Cassel, Martina Pinto, Valentina Valsania, Anna Fusco, Fulvia Lorenzetti, Claudia Gerini, Cristiana Capotondi, and others
There's brief nudity only in some of these scenes, but all are sexy and funny moments,  enjoyable to watch nevertheless.

Cécile Cassel, Martina Pinto, Valentina Valsania, Anna Fusco, Fulvia Lorenzetti, Claudia Gerini, Cristiana Capotondi, and others

Scene Guide:
  • Monique and policeman-boyfriend Davide role-play detective and moll in this funny scene. Monique is played by sexy little French number Cécile Cassel - sister of the more famous Vincent, and sister-in-law of Monica Bellucci.
  • No nudity but another sexy and funny sketch of Monique with her current boyfriend Paolo. Paolo, afraid of her jealous ex-boyfriend Davide, decides to meet her away from his own house lest he be seen, and cajoles Monique into playing a streetwalker to make things 'more interesting'. When he's late, she's approached by a punter to which she gives him her price - € 700 - the annoyed man leaves after asking if she'd also expect him to pay the VAT. She asks Paolo to hurry or she'll drop her prices. Later in the car Paolo's relieved it's the Carabinieri rather than the police (Davide) who'd busted them.
  • Valentina, now living with dad after the mum dies, is making out with her boyfriend when the dad enters the room casually, "privacy please..!". The shocked dad beats a retreat. It gets more outrageous when she comes down asking her gob-smacked dad for a condom, forcing him to hand her his 'delay' condoms after threatening to do it without any. Valentina is played by Martina Pinto.
  • Monique is fed up with Paolo's no-show and leaves.
  • Priest Lorenzo follows Corrado's stag night to see if he's being unfaithful - Lorenzo was also his fiancée Elisa's boyfriend before he became a priest. Assorted T&A's appear until Corrado's friends gift him the pole dancer, played by Valentina Valsania. After learning how much his friends paid, Corrado decides 'not to waste' the money. The sexy bartender is played by Anna Fusco, and the S&M mistress by Fulvia Lorenzetti.
  • Elisa's hen night's in full flow, and she brandishes her lingerie chosen for the nuptials - followed by women's talk about her lovers. their ratings etc. Claudia Gerini who plays Elisa doesn't get nude in ths film, but some others do.
  • There's only brief nudity by the lovely Cristiana Capotondi in this film - I'll later post another film of hers that does better justice. Here, she plays Giulia - the segment with her and the boyfriend is also the funniest of the lot.


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