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"Mujeres infieles" [2004 Chile]: "Orgasm is a fundamental human right!"

So declares psychologist Eva Soler (María Izquierdo) during a TV talk show in Rodrigo Ortuzar Lynch's début feature "Mujeres infieles" [Eng. Title: Unfaithful Women]. Her statement is aimed at furthering the film's intentions, which is to open up a mainstream discussion on why 62.5% of Chilean women, according to a recent study, are unfaithful to their partner.

María Izquierdo in Mujeres Infieles María José Prieto and Cristián Campos in Mujeres Infieles
Daniel Alcaíno in Mujeres Infieles Viviana Rodríguez and Benjamin Vicuña in Mujeres Infieles
Remigio Remedy and Gabriela Aguilera in Mujeres Infieles Sigrid Alegria and Lucía Jiménez in Mujeres Infieles

Whilst Eva Soler is the film's voice of reason, it is the characters that interact with her at various levels who build the loosely interconnected comedy drama. By juggling timelines and filling in details when needed, the film keeps us engaged and entertained for the most part.

The film begins with Cecilia (María José Prieto), the host of the aforementioned talk show, telling her husband over phone that she's having a late 'production meeting', only to enter a hotel suite with her lover Alberto (Cristián Campos), also her boss. Their conversations will reveal the dynamics of their relationship.

A terrible accident occurs in their suite that night, which will draw Cecilia's colleague and rival Mario (Daniel Alcaíno) to the scene of the tragedy whilst reporting live for TV with camera and crew. While Cecilia survives with minor injuries, she's left to face the music alone on her way to recovery, from husband and the wider public.

We watch a parallel story unfold in the affairs of Cecilia's confidante Carola (Viviana Rodríguez). She'd been secretly having sexual relations with her grown-up stepson Cristián (Benjamín Vicuña). They're in love, but don't know how to break it to the person who'll be the most concerned about it, husband Alvaro (Mateo Iribarren).

Indifference from clichéd stereotype of a husband Pedro (Remigio Remedy) will encourage Virginia's (Gabriela Aguilera) to develop sexual fantasies involving a hunky gardener, that'll also usher in her very first orgasm. After a chat with her psychologist (Eva Soler), she'll learn to live out her orgasmic fantasies whilst remaining 'faithful' to Pedro, using a 'responsive' sex toy that happily never watches football.

Cristina (Sifrid Alegria), a friend of Virginia, first meets Spanish-return Roberta (Lucia Jiménez) at the airport and is instantly smitten by her charm and sexual charisma, leading her to experiment with something she'd never considered before. Thrown amongst these characters are a pair of sleazy detectives whose antics are mainly there to make the film's taboo topic more palatable to a mainstream audience.

The film, whilst hinting at a changing society, stops short of making any in-depth analysis - it's essentially nuggets of wisdom that's sugar-coated with layers of entertainment. But you won't be disappointed if like me, it's mainly the sugar rush that you were after. DVD Link [NTSC]


The Nudity: Viviana Rodríguez, Benjamín Vicuña, María José Prieto, and Cristián Campos
The highlight is the 'smoking' hotel sex scene that also features frontal nudity from the delectable María José Prieto and a rather athletic Cristián Campos - Cecilia undresses whilst delivering a weather report loaded with double endentre, while Alberto pays dearly for a bad habit afterwards (sorry about the mild spoiler, guys). There is also a long-ish but rather awkward sex scene between Viviana Rodríguez and Benjamín Vicuña (the latter - bless him, can't act if his next meal depended on it).

Viviana Rodríguez, Benjamín Vicuña, María José Prieto, and Cristián Campos nude in Mujeres infieles


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