Wednesday, 15 January 2014

María Nela Sinisterra in "Solo para dos" [2013 Argentina]

Roberto Santiago's "Solo para dos" [Eng. Title: Only for Two] is a run-of-the-mill mainstream comedy set in a tropical island.

Valentina (Martina Gusman) decides to separate from husband of ten years Gonzalo (Santi Millán). They run a holiday resort for couples, and Gonzalo finds it hard to come to terms with the separation, not least because it'd make for bad PR for their business. Newly married Mitch (Nicolás Cabré) arrives at the resort alone after his wife dumps him on their honeymoon. The friction in Valentina and Gonzalo's relationship will manifest itself in all kinds of pairings between the three, and will also include Tania (María Nela Sinisterra) - an employee at the resort...


The Nudity: María Nela Sinisterra
My only reason for this post is a couple of topless scenes of pretty María Nela Sinisterra - first with Gonzalo, and later with Mitch.

María Nela Sinisterra nude in Solo para dos



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