Saturday, 27 April 2013

Manuela Oyarzún and Paloma Moreno from “Paseo de Oficina” [2012 Chile]

Roberto Artiagoitía makes yet another below-the-line comedy "Paseo de Oficina" [Eng. Title: Office Tour] and it is pretty apparent that it was meant for a DVD audience on Saturday afternoons, preferably with a few cans of beer. The review will therefore be brief, and I'll let you guys decide if you want to spend any time with this...

It's the day out for employees of a department store in Chile, ostensibly meant for 'bonding' and team building. But they've recently been taken over by a foreign chain, and as part of the shake-up, some of the staff are about to be laid off. The store manager uses the occasion to short-list the staff he doesn't get along with - the group who'll be the main characters in the film. One of them - Danae (María José Bello), wants to steal the letters from the manager's assistant and have them destroyed, and asks his friend Lori (Paloma Moreno) to help. The staff welfare officer Leo (Luis Gnecco) uses the occasion to impress his new MD Benedetto (Gastón Pauls), but he's more interested in trying to patch things up with lover Sofia (Manuela Oyarzún) - Leo's friend and colleague. It's not just the MD - most of the staff too are trying to score with someone during the "field-trip". Cue for some tacky humour, innuendo-laden gags, and horny young couples sweating it out behind the bushes and inside the coach cabin...

Whenever it becomes difficult to determine why some films simply 'suck', more often than not it is the screenplay that's the culprit, which is also the case here. There are some well-known faces in the cast, but they too don't raise the film to anything above mediocre. Apart from a decent performance from Luis Gnecco who plays Leo, and a bevy of pretty Chilean girls in their summer clothes, I found very little to keep me enthused. It even makes the director's earlier frat-themed film - Grado 3 appear good..!



The Nudity: Manuela Oyarzún and Paloma Moreno
The film features two noteworthy scenes of nudity - the first is Benedetto's flashback of an earlier successful seduction of a fellow employee - the already married Sofia, played by Manuela Oyarzún, and the second is on a leaky boat between Alexis (Fernando Godoy) and Lorena, played by pretty model Paloma Moreno - it's plain to see she ain't an actress, but bless her for trying..!

Manuela Oyarzún and Paloma Moreno nude in Paseo de Oficina


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