Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Scenes from the Spanish film, "Cenizas del Cielo" [2008 Spain]

Using his intimate knowledge of the Asturias region, Spanish director José Antonio Quirós creates crowd-pleasing drama and romance through the film, "Cenizas del Cielo" [Eng. Title: Ashes from the Sun].

Travel writer Paul Ferguson's (Gary Piquer) progress through northern Spain is momentarily stalled after his caravan develops a fault in a remote village dominated by a smoke-belching power plant. Stranded for a few days until the local mechanic can order a replacement part for his vehicle, Ferguson will meet and develop a close friendship with Federico (Celso Bugallo) - a farmer who had passionately spent the last forty years trying to have the polluting power plant shut down. Without much success - Federico protects his cherry orchard from ash and acid-rain as best he could using improvised umbrella-like contraptions. Ferguson will also get acquainted with Federico's family and their little squabbles, their exuberance, and their welcoming nature. The caravan break-down - initially a nuisance, becomes the perfect excuse, for him to help out Federico in any which way he can, and also fall in love with Cristina (Clara Segura) - a mother of two, abandoned by her husband years ago. By the time he leaves, Ferguson had already invested a lot in the village, and knows that it won't be long before he returns...

It is a charming little drama using eccentric but likeable characters, teaming against their common villain - the almighty power plant owned by a big corporation. It's about the righteous small man fighting to do good, against the odds. The feel-good drama is well made, entertaining, and includes decent performances from its small cast. It is a neat little film that's also intended for a mainstream audience - it is Recommended Viewing..!

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The Nudity: Beatriz Rico, Fran Sariego, Raquel Hevia, and Clara Segura
The film spices up proceedings with some brief scenes of nudity from voluptuous actresses Clara Seguro, Raquel Hevia, and an augmented Beatriz Rico. There is also male nudity from Fran Sariego who plays the husband of Ms. Rico's character.

Beatriz Rico, Fran Sariego, Raquel Hevia, and Clara Segura in Cenizas del Cielo


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