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Claudia Gerini and others in "Com'è bello far l'amore" [2012 Italy]

It is entirely possible that Fausto Brizzi's comedy "Com'è bello far l'amore" [Eng. Title: Love is in the Air] was intended as a comic relief for Italians concerned with the Eurozone crisis. Whatever the case, at least the film seems to have done well for itself at the box office. Perhaps recycling old stuff has this power to induce some sort of nostalgia for 'happier' times, regardless of us being able to see gags coming from a mile away.

Andrea and Giulia - married for twenty years, notice excitement in their sex life waning, and enlist the help of Giulia's best friend and pornstar 'Max' for some advise. Genial chap that he is, Max obliges in the way only pornstars could, and goes further by also imparting some worldly wisdom to their teenage son that'll help him succeed in his mating rituals. All's well that ends well..!

This may be one of Brizzi's lesser works, but that doesn't stop him from taking a pot-shot at 'art' cinema, praising it for fulfilling a social need by injecting a desire among couples to have sex. The gag that follows might have had its origins in a pub-conversation, but is nevertheless mildly entertaining. The rest of the film however is outrageously clichéd and includes some rather cheesy tunes, save the rather pleasant title track by the legendary Patty Pravo - for long a thirstyrabbit favourite. DVD Link
(2-disc DVD - one is a 3D version - just in case...)


Claudia Gerini, Francesca Girardi, Valentina dal Chiele, Yohana Allen, Giorgia Wurth, and others, and includes bits from extended and deleted scenes among DVD extras

Claudia Gerini and others in Com'e bello far l'amore

Scene Guide:
  • Perhaps this was what the Lumière brothers first made before deciding to show the world the iconic approaching train footage instead, Max opines. The cousin that they're attributed to have filmed bathing however remains uncredited.
  • Hollywood pornstar Max during a shoot with Mindy. It really hurts to watch Filippo Timi play Max (oh well, the rent probably). But that certainly isn't the case with Francesca Girardi who plays Mindy.
  • Giulia records herself with hubby Andrea in bed - she wants to get Max's opinion on their 1:30 minute lovemaking. The gag unbearably stretches further when Andrea pulls his laptop from them and rushes to his business presentation, unmindful of what they'll be seeing. However, at least one of them seems impressed and asks for the phone number of the girl with the fine 'ass'. The girl - Giulia, is played by Claudia Gerini. Unfortunately whatever nudity we see from her is as projected on screen.
  • Max was directing his version of 'Messalina' when Andrea interrupts the shoot. Uncredited nudes follow.
  • Andrea and Giulia watch one of Max's 'plumber' classics - Mrs. Flower is played by Valentina dal Chiele, and her rather well-tanned sister Jodie, by Yohana Allen.
  • A brief scene of Max with fellow pornstar and occasional girlfriend Vanessa, played by Giorgia Wurth.
  • Max invites Andrea and Giulia to one of his 'parties' and are asked to forget for the evening that they're married - you get the idea. For a home-maker housewife, Giulia makes a quite impressive stripper, one that even hubby Andrea couldn't believe. You can follow the rest...
  • Andrea loses sight of Giulia momentarily and goes looking for her in the 'Vasca dell'amore' (bath of love). Uncredited nudes.
  • Not finding her there, Max suggests he should forget about Giulia and instead have some fun with an anonymous stranger in the 'Dark Room'.
  • You guessed it - Giulia has also been asked to do the same and blah, awesome sex, blah, couldn't believe, blah, infra red security camera, blah, happy ending, blah, blah...


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