Friday, 30 March 2012

Ileán Almaguer & co in "El Quinto Mandamiento" [2012 Mexico]

Rafael Lara's latest drama "El Quinto Mandamiento" [Eng. Title: The Fifth Commandment] is a psychological thriller of the oh-haven't-I-seen-this-before variety, but I guess most mainstream films are these days, and this one is as mainstream as a Mexican Taco. At least it doesn't pretend to be anything else, and you get exactly what's written in the packet.

Storyline - Víctor, psychopath, loves carving crosses onto women post-mortem, blames paedophile priest and mother-in-denial for his behaviour, falls in love with one of his intended victims and decides to give up his adopted lifestyle. Alcoholic detective (he's mourning his sister's passing), eventually tracks down Víctor, and manages to break his habit with the bottle. Of course, you do have the obligatory gore with shaky camera and sharp edits thrown in to make things look this century, and moments of reflection explaining the reason for Víctor's actions.

Compilation: Jimena Guerra, Jimena Luna and Ileán Almaguer
There are unpleasant scenes here for some very obvious reasons, so use your discretion.

Jimena Guerra, Jimena Luna and Ileán Almaguer in El Quinto Mandamiento

Scene Guide:
  • Victim no. 1 - had to endure looking at her portrait that Víctor had painstakingly drawn. Played by Jimena Guerra.
  • Victim no: 2 - ends up in the morgue surrounded by puzzled detectives after rejecting one of Víctor's less macabre artworks. played by Jimena Luna.
  • Intended victim Gabriela actually takes Víctor's fancy and he fantasises about her. Played by sweet-looking Ileán Almaguer.
  • In reality though, Víctor's dating technique leaves a lot to be desired. But even all tied up, Gabriela pulls the courage to tell him that he could actually do with some professional help. And he feels insulted.


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