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Silvia Navarro & Diana García in "Labios Rojos" [2011 Mexico]

Rafael Lara's "Labios Rojos" [Eng. Title: Red Lips] is your stereotypical mainstream comedy about marital woes (predominantly sexual) where the characters are usually caricatures and ridden with cliché. This film might as well have been churned out twenty years ago if you can take away their mobile phones. I suppose there's always a market for such escapist films which is why they get made. But I believe Lara is a better director than this effort might suggest, and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Apart from the subject though, it surprisingly has high production values and at times looks as glossy as a Hollywood film. But I have to admit some scenes are positively hilarious even if we can see the gags coming from a mile away. The other virtues of course are the fine and sexy actresses who feature in it - Diana García and Silvia Navarro - together they more than make up for what is otherwise a pretty average film.

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Ricardo and Blanca are blissfully married, and in love. Until Ricardo takes up a new job as an executive at a leading advertising agency. The stress takes its toll when Ricardo discovers his erectile dysfunction, which leads to him giving Blanca excuses for not having sex. Blanca however suspects he may be having an affair and tries all kinds of methods to woo him back, including using the services of a shaman. Ricardo becomes obsessed with sex and thanks to his lecherous pal, he even considers an affair with the horny and very available Violeta, a colleague at work. Will Blanca win Ricardo back before its too late, that's what the film's about.

Compilation: Silvia Navarro, Diana García, Adriana Olivera and others

Silvia Navarro & Diana García in "Labios Rojos"

Scene Guide:
  • A brief fantasy scene of a young Ricardo in the bathroom. The object of his fantasy is played by Virginia Salazar.
  • All grown up, Ricardo falls in love and get married to Blanca, played by the very easy on the eye Silvia Navarro.
  • Ricardo withdraws into his shell when he couldn't get going with Blanca in bed.
  • No nudity but nice - two rather dishy lingerie girls are introduced as models for a client's forthcoming campaign, played by Sol Soria and Leticia Urtusuastegui - I wish we were given more than a fleeting glimpse of these well formed creatures though.
  • Ricardo for a moment imagines the entire office staff are 'at it'. His secretary Martha is played by Adriana Olivera.
  • New arrival at the office Violeta wastes no time in catching the attention of Ricardo. Violeta of course is played by mamacita caliente Diana García, and I don't know why, but I'm already in love with her nose..! :-)
  • A call from a worried Blanca brings Ricardo back to his senses.


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