Saturday, 20 November 2010

Habitación en Roma by Julio Medem BR1080 [2010 Spain] - Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko

Time to review the great Julio Medem's most recent release - his 2010 romantic drama, "Habitación en Roma" [Eng. title: Room in Rome]..

The film is at least partly inspired by the 2004 Chilean drama, 'En la Cama', acknowledged by Sr. Medem himself, where a couple meet for the first time one evening, and decide to spend the night together - during the course of the night, their encounter transforms into something rather deep. The major departure from the Chilean film is of course, the fact that this couple comprises two women.

Since Julio Medem is one of the most important directors in world cinema today, it is but mandatory to discuss any of his films, and this one is no exception. Personally though, I think this is one of Medem's more straightforward films - but while not as brilliantly clever and surreal as Tierra, La Ardilla Roja, Lucia y el Sexo, or as breathtakingly beautiful as Los Amantes del Circulo Polar, it still amply showcases Medem's trademark lyricism, and this is a production made with 'great love'. The cinematography is beautiful, the soundtrack delightful, the direction, editing and sound engineering masterfully done. Even if you ignore the fact that this is a Julio Medem film, it is a good movie.

While Elena Anaya has matured into a complete actress, Natasha Yarovenko fills in her role adequately - Natasha of course has been cast specifically for her physical beauty - and Medem quite rightly shows her in the best possible light..! :)

I've made my own edit for these clips as that would otherwise give too much of the story away - most of the dialogues are in English and I don't want to spoil your experience if you were considering watching the whole film (yes you should). Rest assured though, not much is lost in these clips, 'visually' speaking of course - besides these are from HD, and well worth the download - enjoy..!

Note: My blog is it's early stages of evolution - I certainly hope to improve on this - suggestions welcome.

Scene 1:

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Scene 2:

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Scene 3:

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Scene 4: - Exquisitely done..!

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Scene 5:

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Scene 6:

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Scene 7:

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Scene 8:

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